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  • Integrity – We are honest and trustworthy with our clients.
  • Compassion – We care for and listen to our clients.
  • Service – We put the needs of our clients first.
  • Competence – We efficiently and effectively serve our clients.
  • Authenticity – We are genuine and relational with our clients.
  • Expertise – We have the knowledge and resources to provide effective guidance to our clients.
  • Inspiration – We encourage and motivate our clients.

Dr. Reggie Thomas

Reggie has also worked with TurningWest, Inc., an organization developed firm where he had the opportunity to work with several organizations in the areas of executive coaching, strategic planning, organization assessment, culture assessment, and team building. He is a gifted speaker and has been a speaker on a national basis for 32 years. He is available for keynote speeches, presentations, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Reggie wants his life legacy to be about serving others to help make their lives better. Nothing brings him more joy than celebrating the progress and success of others. Reggie has been married to Jeannine for 32 years and they have two grown daughters: Amanda and Emilee. He loves his family and takes pride in being a husband and father. Reggie and Jeannine enjoy traveling and over the past few years have broadened that interest by doing international travel. Reggie is an avid runner. He has run 38 marathons and 6 ultra-marathons. He has also run the prestigious Boston Marathon 10 times.


Emilee Thomas

Emilee Thomas is a Life Coach with PeakePotential. She invests her time, energy and talents in coaching others in a number of life issues such as relationships, decision-making, navigating challenges and setting life and career goals. Being a millennial, she focuses on that generation helping individuals find their purpose, set goals and meet those goals in reaching their full potential in life. PeakePotential offers coaching and services that will benefit the millennials and Emilee will be the primary coach to target her generation. She is a 2017 graduate of California Baptist University in Riverside, California. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Behavioral Science, which gives her a deep understanding of human behavior. She graduated cum laude and received the Outstanding Behavioral Science Award by the faculty. Emilee is a “people person”, who not only has an attractive personality, but cares deeply about people. She has a desire to serve others and help them succeed in life. Her passion is developing people and she is skilled in listening, communicating, empathizing and guiding them to set goals that improve their lives. Emilee’s hobbies are traveling, hiking, running and exploring new adventures. If you are in the need of life coaching, Emilee is excited about guiding you through the pathway of success.